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philippose June 26, 2008 14:18

Hello and a Good Evening to ev
Hello and a Good Evening to everyone :-)!

It has been a while since my last post with a basic CFD question :-)! So I hope as usual... that it does not come off as being too amateur...

I use simpleFoam for most of my CFD simulation cases, with the following configuration:

a. GAMG as the solver for pressure.
b. PBiCG solver with the DILU preconditioner for U, k and Epsilon.
c. Relaxation factors as 0.3 for all the variables (U, p, k, and epsilon).

My question is... can something general be said about the way simpleFoam with such a configuration would converge on a steady-state solution for the variables solved?

As in.... for example, does the pressure field always have an overshoot like a second order under-damped step response... or do all the variables approach the converged values like a highly damped second order response...etc...etc..?

Or is the convergence pattern very dependent on the mesh, and geometry of the case with no general trends based on solver characteristics?

And is there any way of being able to control this response pattern (if there is one) via the various solver parameters?

Have a nice day!


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