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swlee June 18, 2008 04:57

Hi all, Here is my problem,
Hi all,

Here is my problem,
1. I have a grid domain which is consist of 4 different grids(two main grids, two ghost grids).
2. The ghost grid will be used to get a new value and calculate the velocity fields of the two main grids(with "RegionCoupled" patch).
3. The value of two ghost grids will be obtained from the interpolation scheme.

With regards to item 3 above, I don't know how to update interpolated velocity fileds for two ghost grids. I used and followed the code for "sample" utitiliy. I've got the interpolation points for two ghost grids like the following code,

(some codes for preparation of interpolation here..)
fvMesh& ghostMesh = ghostMesh[ghostI];
const pointField& interpPoints = ghostMesh.pointAll();

(implementation code for interpolation here)

If I'm succeed to obtain proper interpolated velocity from interpolation scheme, how can I update this new obtained interpolated velocity fields in volVectorField of velocity field for two ghost grids?

Is there anyone can help me?

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