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dominik_christ June 17, 2008 11:29

Hello everyone, this is my
Hello everyone,

this is my first post to the forum and I hope this has not already been answered elsewhere.

My big goal is to implement a solver for steady-state gaseous combustion (and not just try to make changes to reactingFoam).

So I start with rhoSimpleFoam and add species transport (and add the source term later on). For that I would like to use the mixture data which are defined in the thermophysicalProperties dictionary. From the User Guide's overview of the individual modules, the following should be suited for my needs:
thermoType hThermo<puremixture<consttransport<speciethermo<hc onstthermo<perfectgas>>>>>;

And the problems start here:

How can I access e.g. the Schmidt number that is defined for "constant transport"?

In hThermo.h I find "basicMixture& composition()" declared. In my createFields.H, I declare
autoPointer<basicthermo> thermo
but then I can only access the member functions from basicThermo.H.

So, how can I access basicMixture ?

And, if there is such a modular approach for thermophysicalProperties, why is the number of choices limited to what has been declared in basicThermos.C or hCombustionThermos.C ? (I was not successful in adding other combinations and compiling the result)

Thanks for your help!
Dominik Christ

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