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muthukaalai June 16, 2008 12:12

Can the reactingFoam solver, h
Can the reactingFoam solver, handle
premixed combustion ???

I have viewed the tutorial posted at openfoamwiki.
I still had the doubt....

In user guide , its mentioned that

reactingFoam chemical reaction code...

A simple yes or no, will suffice..

21kalee June 16, 2008 14:36

Hi, muthu The reaction rate
Hi, muthu

The reaction rate determines, whether a reaction will take place or not. So, when a mixture is ignited, or if the mixture has an uneven distribution of temperature in the solution domain (ie) assume that some part of the domain exceed the mixture autoignition temperature, the reaction rate constant will also increase, as it has an exponential dependence on temperature.So if you see for example, the tutorial of reactingFoam (which you can get from tutorial section of openfoamwiki) , the fuel is coming through an inlet with the velocity of 10 m/s. And the domain temperature is about 623 K which is higher the ignition temperature of the fuel considered. Thus it is being used for non-premixed combustion. Now coming to your question, as i had explained already, the reaction rate depends on local temperature. So with proper initial conditions, you can simulate the premixed combustion too...

But i am not sure, if the solution domain entirely has the temperature considerably higher than the auto ignition temperature.

Please correct me if I went wrong somewhere...
(Because nobody is Perfect)

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