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lasb August 20, 2007 09:01

Hi, I want to use reactingF

I want to use reactingFoam without reactions. I tried to switch chemistry off, but that is not the way to do it. I also tried to outcomment ("//") the line: include chemistry.H in the reactingFoam sourcecode (reactingFoam.C).

I have choosen this solver because it allows me to handle different gasses, I just want to switch reactions off. If anybody know how to do that; or even simpler: How to handle different gasses in one case without reactions I will be happy to know about it.

Please help me.



gschaider August 20, 2007 13:46

I think (but I never worked wi
I think (but I never worked with reactingFoam myself and havn't looked at the sources to closely) that it is something like dieselFoam without particles and mesh-motion.

Try to run it on the dieselFoam-tutorial-case. If that works try the Chemkin-file that is used for that case and remove all the reactions (or set the reaction speed to 0). If that works try transfer everything you have learned to your case.

lasb August 21, 2007 04:59

Thanks, It helped a lot. It

It helped a lot. It works if I remove reactions from the chemkin file.

-- Lasse

lord_kossity June 5, 2008 11:46

Servus, since the thread de

since the thread describes exactly the problem I'm working on I'm continuing this rather "old" discussion instead of starting a new one.

My question is about the theory behind reactingfoam used without reactions.

What kind of modeling is used then? Since the solver has no lagrangian output, I assume it's an Euler-Euler Model. Can anybody confirm this consumption?

Best regards,

lord_kossity June 10, 2008 02:39

Hello and a nice day to all th
Hello and a nice day to all the Message Board members!!

Can't anybody elaborate on the point mentioned above?
I'm a bit confused at the moment...

Thanks a lot,

markusrehm June 10, 2008 08:50

Hello, in reactingFoam you

in reactingFoam you calculate only single-phase flows. In short it is dieselFoam without the multi-phase part.
Reactions are modeled with the PaSR-model and reaction mechanisms in Chemkin-format can be used.


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