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jgaricano June 4, 2008 16:58

Greetings to all! I am simu
Greetings to all!

I am simulating a coflowing laminar diffusion flame in an axisymmetrical combustion chamber for my final year project, with reactingFOAM. I know that the file case/chemkin/therm.dat provides the necessary coefficients to define thermodynamic properties: H^0 (formation enthalpy), S^0(entrhopy) and Cp^0 in terms of absolute temperature.

But, what happens with transport properties (viscosity mu and thermal diffusivity alpha)?
Does anybody know how transport properties are stimated? I mean, are they temperature dependant, constant or what?

I need to know, as I suspect, in laminar flames this factor could be much more important than in a turbulent flame

I'd thank any help you could give me.

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