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bhuve June 2, 2008 02:22

hi!!...i have a equation in wh
hi!!...i have a equation in which i have a term Uperturb/Usteady...(vectors)
but its showing error in this term. can you please tell how to define such divide term. ??

ngj June 2, 2008 03:56

Hi You are probably after s

You are probably after something like this:

mag(Uperturb)/mag(Ustready) * Uperturb / mag(Uperturb)

The programmers guide has an excellent list on the operators in OF. Page 23-25.

/ Niels

bhuve June 2, 2008 07:14

HI!!...Niels thanksfor replly
HI!!...Niels thanksfor replly !..
yes, something like that equation steadystateVelocity. ...trying it.

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