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anne December 22, 2006 07:31

Hello, I would like to extr

I would like to extract extra-data from a
parallel run and that the file be written in each
processor directory. The data I want to write is athe time evolution of a calculated value from the field during the computation.

Is there any ready file in OpenFoam that would
inspire me to code this.
When including the writing in the solver, only the master processor open the file, in the local directory.

Is there any parallel writing corresponsding to calculated value ?

Thanks you,


mattijs December 22, 2006 13:57

If you just want to write a fi
If you just want to write a file to the local case directory:

OFstream str(runTime.path()/"myFile");
str<< "extraData:" << extraData << endl;

anne January 8, 2007 10:52

Hello Mattijs and Happy New Ye
Hello Mattijs and Happy New Year,

I just look again at my request now because I was away.

Actually that what I have done, exactely hereafter follows how I implemented it (end of the mail).

This works well in serial BUT not in parallel.
My problem is to well output my data when I run in parallel.

What I don't know is how to specify that the output will be written by each process.

Beside this, I could note that the use of "probe"
works well in serial but not when running in parallel.

Could you help me in this ?



const vectorField& centres = mesh.C();

const scalarField& volumes = mesh.V();

const int nroom = 7;

OFstream CMEAN ("Cmean.dat");
scalarField cmhb1(nroom,0.0);
scalarField totvol(nroom,0.0);

forAll(centres, celli)

const vector& cCentre = centres[celli];

scalar x=cCentre[0];
scalar y=cCentre[1];
scalar z=cCentre[2];

if((0.5 < z) &&(z < 1.5))

// Hall B1

if((0<y) &&(y<30))
Info<< "\nHall B1"<< endl;
Info<< "\nTotVol Room Step1"<< 0<<" = " << totvol[0]<< endl;

// Hall B2
if((30<y) &&(y<60))

// Exit 1 B1
if((-7<y) &&(y<0))

// Exit 2 B1
if((12<y) &&(y<18))

// Exit B2
if((42<y) &&(y<48))

// Corridor part south
if((-21.7<y) &&(y<-7))

// Corridor part North
if((-7<y) &&(y<60))


} // End of test on Z plane
}//en of All cells
for (int j=0;j<nroom;j++)
// cmhb1[j]/=totvol[j];

// Info<< "\nTotVol Room "<< j<<" = " << totvol[j]<< endl;
// Info<< "\nTotVol Room J= "<< j<<endl;

<<runTime.value()<<tab<<cmhb1[j]<< tab;

mattijs January 9, 2007 17:37

If you want each processor to
If you want each processor to write to a local (i.e. in the processor directory) file the easiest is to use a 'registered' IO-object. These get written into (a subdirectory) of the case. Examples are labelIOList or scalarIOField.

Have a scan through the $FOAM_UTILITIES sources for e.g. labelIOList.

p.s. 'Info' only writes on the master, it does not do anything on the slave processors.

anne January 10, 2007 04:19

Hello Mattijs, Actually wha
Hello Mattijs,

Actually what I am not sure about is that if
coding such as I wrote it (see my previous email) the master file will write the
global information i.e the master has the
global grid mesh data to be able to perform the "if" test and write my data. I thought that each processor will do the "if" test and then write its own part.

what led me to this is that the utility Probe works well in serial but does not write the data when being used in parallel.

Please, could let me know about my concern on the
master process.

I thank you a lot for your help,


mattijs January 10, 2007 06:24

in parallel no node has the wh
in parallel no node has the whole mesh. Each processor has a bit of the mesh. You'll have to make sure that only the information from the processor that holds the information gets dumped.
Usually one sets the information on all the processors that don't have the data to some special value (e.g. -GREAT) and does a 'reduce' on it that will let through only the correct information (e.g. reduce(..., maxOp<scalar()).

(probes in the next version will work in parallel)

anne January 10, 2007 07:04

Hi Mattijs, Could you be a
Hi Mattijs,

Could you be a little more explcit on
the way to use reduce in C++.
I have used it before but in a home code in f77 and
I don't know how to implement it in C++.

I thank you for your help.


mattijs January 11, 2007 05:34

Do a grep for e.g. Pstream::re
Do a grep for e.g. Pstream::reduce in the utilities sources (in $FOAM_UTILITIES). Also search on the Wiki. E.g.

anne January 11, 2007 12:55

Deat Mattijs, Thanks for th
Deat Mattijs,

Thanks for the information on reduce.

Regarding my way to code the sum I want to calculate (see above), I am not sure that the
use of "celli" (as I use it) works well in
What I want is only the sum of my scalar at
a determine location so that each process has to check the location.

Could you have a look at it and let me know if it
seems correct, in particular the use of
"centres" and "celli"

Thanks you


xiuying May 23, 2008 21:30

Hello, I would like to ext

I would like to extract extra-data from a
parallel run which also includes some value with the whole domain average, and then the file with time evolution be written in root directory during the computation.

My code is the following.

OFstream str(runTime.path()/"n.dat");

dimensionedScalar epsilonmean=fvc::domainIntegrate(turbulence->epsilon())/sum(mesh.V());

dimensionedScalar uxmean=mag((flowDirection & U)().weightedAverage(mesh.V()));

dimensionedScalar n=sqrt(epsilonmean)/uxmean.value()/sqrt(uxmean);
str<< runTime.timeOutputValue() <<" "<< n.value() << nl<<endl;

The result showed the code wrote the file in every processor and the value of 'n' is different at the same time in every processor. But I just want to get an average 'n' for the total domain. Could you inform me how to deal with it?

Thanks you,


gschaider May 25, 2008 13:33

Hi Kang! _Reducing_ the val
Hi Kang!

_Reducing_ the values of one variable to one value that is the same on all processor is achieved by the reduce-statement. Summing up one variable for instance is achieved by

scalar val=0;
// val is calculated and different on all processors

// val is the same on all processors

Adapt this example for your application (Be sure to use the total(==all processors) volume, where applicable)


xiuying May 27, 2008 15:13

Hi, Bernhard, Thank you so
Hi, Bernhard,

Thank you so much.
Now I have a question. I used a single processor to run the same case. I found that 'uxmean' was the same as the parallel result, but 'epsilonmean' was different. Could you inform me the reason?



gschaider May 27, 2008 15:53

Hi Kang! To get the correct
Hi Kang!

To get the correct value for epsilonmena in your notation you'll have to have a separate summation-variable for the Volume and divide the Integration of epsilon with that AFTER both of them have been reduced


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