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yu_korogi January 17, 2008 02:05

I simulate the propane-air mix
I simulate the propane-air mixtures combustion with XiFoam.
I'd like to simulate the laminar homogeneous flame propagation, so I set /constant/turbulenceProperties
turbulenceModel laminar;
turbulence off;
and set the initial pressure P=101300;
then simulated.
But the temperatures are less than 500K at any time.they're too low.I expect they're around 2000K.
Why?Could you give me some advice?

linnemann May 6, 2008 04:00

What is ur initial boundary va
What is ur initial boundary value for the temperature. If the temperature is too low or you have no ignition-source the species will not burn.

So either set the initial value for the internal field to a temperature where you now it will burn e.g

"internalField uniform 2000;"

Or look into diselFoam how to add an ignition source.

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