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kar April 26, 2008 13:46

Hi, one thing I've noticed in
one thing I've noticed in my own and icoFoam solver too (for you to show it's not really specific): solve until reach stationary solution (iteration count 0), start solving again with obtained solution and iterations for U jump to 4, but for p to 150.
So there must be some deficiency of previous timestep values or similar... Can you explain more precisely reasons why solving starts again?


kar April 28, 2008 11:52

Looks like it was simply insuf
Looks like it was simply insufficient precision for saved solution (too little digits).

kar April 30, 2008 15:15

But that is not all. Only if
But that is not all.
Only if solved phi surface field is read in at the beginning, there follows no iterating...
The cause is, that phi is not equal to mesh.Sf() & fvc::interpolate(U).
Should not be like that, right? That happens in cavity at Re=1000, only linear (unbounded) schemes used.
Could you, please, explain this problem?

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