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thomas_eschbacher April 28, 2008 13:23

hi! i would like to know if

i would like to know if anyone here has experiences with the vortex method like discribed in the wikipedia (

i`m interested in external aerodynamics,.. especially incompressible turbulent (Re > 10^5-10^6) flows around buildings and bridge decks. Of course, lift and drag is my main concern.

in my opinion a mesh-free method would be nice, particularly because the area of interest is very small in relation to the whole discretization area.

i) can i do this with openfoam?
ii) has someone done this with openfoam before?

thanks a lot!


albcem July 24, 2009 06:42

Hello Thomas,

I developed a vortex element based solver in the past. I do not think OpenFOAM is an appropriate tool for this given it is based on finite volume method (grid based). The type of equations solved are completely different and there needs to be appropriate mechanisms to release vortex particles to the simulation domain based on the boundary conditions. The number of particles grow fast, hence you need a descent way for parallel decomposition of the moving particles. There are several other complications associated with O(N^2) particle interactions requiring cluster algorithms...

You are much better off sticking to what OpenFOAM has to offer or finding another appropriate solver for the vortex based solution.


mpbinil January 22, 2012 14:07

hello mr thomas is it necessary to grow particles ,when computation is for a very short period

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