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ziv April 23, 2008 09:11

Good morning everyone, I ha
Good morning everyone,

I have a few simple newbie question regarding the actual interFoam solver moving mesh capabilities.
I tried to get the solver to work with a moving mesh following the leads I found in many posts with no success. Basically my simulation runs but nothing in the mesh moves nor its geometry is updated in the time directories.
On the other hand I was able to get a moving mesh simulation working with icoDyMFoam.
Comparing the source code of the icoDyMFoam and interFoam solvers I don't see any call to the mesh.update method in the latter.

At this point my questions are:
1) Are moving mesh capabilities available in the interFoam solver from the standard binary 1.4.1 distribution or modification to the solver are required ?

2) Does anyone have a simple interFoam moving mesh
case to study as a starting point.

3) Is there a description of the fvDynamicMesh dictionary with all its options.

4) What kind of boundary conditions are available to a moving wall patch ?

Any help would be appreciated.


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