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torvic April 9, 2008 18:58

Hi I ask for your help abou

I ask for your help about the following:

I want to simulate non-premixed combustion of a blended fuel stream of the following hydrocarbons: C2H2, C3H8, H2, CO and C7H16 with reactingFoam so :

1. Is it possible to employ the "chem.inp.full", and just define a file for each compound ?

or instead i need another kinetic scheme,

I thank for any suggestion



torvic April 14, 2008 14:35

Hi Does anyone have a hint

Does anyone have a hint ?



david_h April 14, 2008 15:52

Victor, I would suggest loo

I would suggest looking for another kinetic model, at least to start out with. Multidimensional simulations with the number of species and reactions in "chem.inp.full" will require substantial computer resources.


torvic April 14, 2008 16:22

Hi Dave Thanks for your sug
Hi Dave

Thanks for your suggestion. It's just that I want to have in the same fuel stream different hydrocarbons, and want to know if with a scheme like that of heptane, the blend nature of the fuel could be captured with such a kinetic model.

Do you know if it is possible ?




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