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lynx April 8, 2008 07:36

Hello Foamers, i'm new to O
Hello Foamers,

i'm new to OpenFOAM and again i have a question - i hope you can help me.

I simulated a "ZickZack"-Separator with succes - means pressure-, velocity- fields are looking okay.

Now i want to simulate the little (light) particles in this separator, which will follow the airstream through the separator (heavy particles will fall down and i ignore the results (vorticies ) produced by the airflow around them - cause to much effort {moving mesh etc.}). I read in the User manual about "lagrangian" in the "Lagrangian particle tracking libraries"-section, but i don't have any idea how to use it.

Can you explain me in general how to use the lagrangian particle tracking tool please?

for example..
How to start it?
It is calculated after the calculation of my case or put together in one calculation (can i switch it on/ off like the turbulence?)?
How can i create some particles at a user defined point and give them some initial velocity?

I'm really sorry for wasting your time with this questions, but i don't find any help written in the manual for this problem - it would be very great if you can help me a little bit. Thank you in advance.

gschaider April 8, 2008 15:30

Hi Oliver! The lagrangian p
Hi Oliver!

The lagrangian particle tracking method can not be used on its own, but with a solver that integrates it. There are two solvers that I know of:
- the dieselFoam-solver that comes with the OpenFOAM-distribution. Which may be an overkill for your application (combustion, etc )
- the technology demo that is published under (which may be an underkill for your application - you'll propably have to modify the way particles are injected into the fluid - see discussions elsewhere on the Messageboard)


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