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ceyrows April 4, 2008 09:48

Dear FOAMers, I'm afraid I
Dear FOAMers,

I'm afraid I have a pretty stupid question concerning the interpolation schemes:

Where do I choose the interpolation scheme? In the fvSchemes-Dict there are the following options:

default CrankNicholson 0;

default Gauss linear;
grad(p) Gauss linear;
grad(U) Gauss linear;

default none;
div(phi,U) Gauss limitedLinearV 1;
div(phi,k) Gauss limitedLinear 1;
div(phi,epsilon) Gauss limitedLinear 1;
div(phi,R) Gauss limitedLinear 1;
div(R) Gauss linear;
div(phi,nuTilda) Gauss limitedLinear 1;
div((nuEff*dev(grad(U).T()))) Gauss linear;

default none;
laplacian(nuEff,U) Gauss linear corrected;
laplacian((1|A(U)),p) Gauss linear corrected;
laplacian(DkEff,k) Gauss linear corrected;
laplacian(DepsilonEff,epsilon) Gauss linear corrected;
laplacian(DREff,R) Gauss linear corrected;
laplacian(DnuTildaEff,nuTilda) Gauss linear corrected;

default linear;
interpolate(U) MUSCL phi;

What is the difference between the "divSchemes"- and the "interpolationSchemes"-entry or is there a double assignment? Where do I enter the chosen scheme?

Thanks for your suggestions and regards,


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