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josp October 10, 2007 07:24

Hi all, My name is Johan Sp
Hi all,

My name is Johan Spång and I'm doing an internship @ Ångpanneföreningen (ÅF) Sweden, Kista.

My internship will consist of developing an OpenFOAM application for bubble dynamics and cavitation. The goal is to build a useful design tool that can be applied to existing solutions of pressure and velocity fields, a post-processing tool that can indicate cavitation inception.

A lagrangian description will be used, possibly by expanding the solidParticle class to do particle tracking and finding p(t) for each bubble and then solve the Rayleigh-Plesset bubble equation.

Simply put, we want to be able to let some small nucleus into the flow and see if any cavitation is induced. We believe that this kind of indication can be correlated with more advanced (and costly) cavitation calculations, and with reality for that matter.

The purpose is to find a fast tool that can be incorporated in the design loop of propellers, impellers, waterjets and so on.

Similar functionality can already be found in the dynaflow package.

This project is scheduled to be completed end of february 2008.


Johan Spång

hjasak October 10, 2007 07:51

Welcome Johan. All I can say
Welcome Johan. All I can say is that I hope you are a very clever guy who likes hard work, with lots of CFD experience and a supervisor who knows a lot about OpenFOAM and C++ programming. The project is very nice and OpenFOAM is the right tool for it, but your deadline is tight (if you haven't done OpenFOAM before) and you will have a job putting all the components together.

Good luck with your work,


wikstrom November 23, 2007 16:14

Hi, sad about my late reply

sad about my late reply (had forgotten my pwd, but lo! I found it), but as the "supervisor" I feel obliged to respond that, well, your reply makes a nice challenge Hrv :-)
The work in progress is very promising!, and if bundled neatly a tool like this would be really useful in propeller and pump analysis.


hjasak November 23, 2007 17:04

Well Niklas, In the light o
Well Niklas,

In the light of these findings I can say that Johan has got a decent supervisor, which makes the work MUCH more manageable.

Good luck to both of you guys - let's keep in touch on this one.


josp March 23, 2008 13:52

Just to close this thread; thi
Just to close this thread; this project was finished about one month ago. The results looks quite promising. For some snapshots from Paraview please see:

Please contact me if there are any questions!


Johan Spång

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