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wese March 14, 2008 08:50

Hi, I'm trying to write a new
I'm trying to write a new boundary condition where I can use the result of the algebraic solution for the velocity profile of a fluid in a square duct.

The analytical solution includes two summation loops, which I've tried to implement by two for-loops.

My problem is, that in every looping-step I need to calculate the sinus of a product between the magnitue of a VectorField and a scalar and sum this up.

As far as I've understood it the mag(VectorField) gives me a ScalarField as output, but when I try to sum up the so calculated scalarFields my calculation always aborts.

I've already tried to eliminate all other possible reasons for the abortion and if I don't try to sum up the calculated ScalarFields everything works fine.

Is there any kind to "sum-function" included in openfoam or how can I solve this problem?

I've already searched the forum and the Doxygen, but the later looks very cryptic for me (I think, because I'm quite new to openFoam and C++).

Thanks in advance


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