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bfa March 14, 2008 06:23

Greetings, I need to perform
I need to perform some basic geometric calculations on my mesh. In particular I'd like to intersect a boundaryPatch with a ray and need to know the coordinates of the intersection.
I know I could do it using an octTree based on a triSurface. But is there a) an easy way to convert my boundaryPatch to a triSurface or b) any function that gives me the hitPoint of a line through a patch ?
I can obtain the points from primitivePatch but can't find a function to obtain a triFaceList from the faces on the patch.
Any help is appreciated.


bfa March 14, 2008 06:26

correction: replace the word
replace the word boundaryPatch with boundaryMesh. Still mixing it up sometimes.
Reading source for several hours makes your head spin.

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