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chegdan March 12, 2008 12:35

Hi, I'm trying to model mul

I'm trying to model multiphase flow and would like to implement the arbitrary lagrangian eulerian method (ALE). Does anyone know a good source for the algorithm and governing equations?

I know that Openfoam already has a multiphase solver using the VOF method, but I would like to write a solver that uses ALE. Thoughts? Suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated.

lillberg March 12, 2008 18:17

Hi Daniel, Could you descri
Hi Daniel,

Could you describe your purpose a bit more. ALE as in surface tracking is implemented in a top level application in the development version of OpenFOAM, i.e. interTrackFoam.

Best Regards


chegdan March 12, 2008 20:29

Eric, I'm trying to model t

I'm trying to model two phase flow through a packed bed of catalysts. Right now I have isothermal conditions, but later, I would like to add thermal gradients to the system. The nature of the liquid phase is discontinuous, forming rivulets or drops of liquid separate from the bulk. I'm interested in working in the laminar flow regime. Thanks.


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