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adona058 September 28, 2007 09:44

I have noticed that there are
I have noticed that there are a number of posts regarding the purpose of the correctBoundaryConditions() call. Unfortunately, none have addressed a problem that I have recently run into.

I am solving a system of equations (without a time step involved), where I have called the correctBoundaryConditions() function following each iteration.

I was under the impression that the function updates the boundary values from the given field (in the case of processor boundaries), and ensures that the fixed-value boundaries/zero gradient (Etc) are met.

When I run my code on a single processor, all appears good. However, when run in parallel, the correctBoundaryConditions() function appears to place the old processor boundary condition values into the new solution for my variable (in escence, carrying the initial value on the processor boundary field all the way through my iterative calculation).

Would someone be able to provide a bit more detail on what this function does, mainly:

For a processor Patch:

Does it update the boundary fields based on the current value of the field variable,


Does it update the field variable based on the current value in the boundary field.

Thank you.

shu March 11, 2008 17:13

Hi, now I am also facing su

now I am also facing such a problem. Adam, have you got a solution for it?

Maybe the same question in another way:
How can I update the processor boundary field according to the current field value?

I appriciate any comment.

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