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david_flo1 February 21, 2008 00:51

Hello, I am trying to understa
Hello, I am trying to understand the implementation of ODESolver

When reading the line
yStart[0] = ::Foam::j0(xStart);
in ODETest.C, I was completely lost after some digging, all I found was


I can't seem to be able to find its definition or body

The thing is I want to be able to understand all the mechanism so I can try and integrate ODE solving as input for a Foam solver

Any pointers are mostly welcomed, I tried google with no good results.


olwi March 8, 2008 13:30

Hi, If you're after the ODE

If you're after the ODE features, I think your following the wrong lead if you track j0. I think j0 is just a Bessel function. (j0 and a lot of other standard math functions are defined in a generic way, using the transFunc macro you found.)

I will follow this thread, hoping someone helps you out with the ODE problem. It would be useful for me, too. If you solve your problem, it would be nice to see some feedback and recommendations here.

Good luck!


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