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lgriffiths January 15, 2008 14:01

Does anyone know how to go abo
Does anyone know how to go about adding a steady time stepping algorithm to the sonicFoam solver, or if its at all possible?

Is it possible to just replace PISO with SIMPLE algorithm, or is it not quite that easy?

nsp82 March 8, 2008 11:28

A small help. Hi everybody,
A small help.

Hi everybody,

I have been writing a finite Difference code for flow through a divergent section. The geometry is simple.

The lower boundary (wall) is a horizontal line 2mm long. The left boundary is a vertical line (extrapolated outlet) of length 0.4 mm. the right boundary (supersonic inlet) is a vetical line 0.3 mm long. the top boundary is an inclined line (wall) connecting left and right. The inlet is at 1000 m/s, 101325 pa and 298 K. fluid is ideal air.
Domain is split 200 times along x axis, evenly, and 100 times along y axis , evenly.

the pressure contour from sonicFoam is given below. and so is the output from my code.

can you give your comments about which one is more correct ??



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