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ceyrows March 6, 2008 11:56

Hello Everybody, I am doing
Hello Everybody,

I am doing an URANS-simulation of the ahmed-body. Having performed some simulations with realizablekE- and komegaSST-model (both using wallfunctions), I would now like to do a simulation with a low Re model without wall functions.

Is there anybody who has experience with application of lowRe-models to separated flow? Can anybody recommend any of the lowRe-models, implemented in FOAM?
Am I right assuming that the LienCubicKELowRe is similar to the realizableKE (but of course without wall functions)?

Thank you very much and regards,


ngj March 6, 2008 12:22

Hi Thomas I haven't read th
Hi Thomas

I haven't read that part, but Wilcox (2006), Turbulence Modeling in CFD, gives a review of some 8 different low-RE models.

Have fun,


ceyrows March 7, 2008 08:02

Hey Niels, Wilcox is just b
Hey Niels,

Wilcox is just bearing me company but it only provides information about LamBremhorstKE and LaunderSharmaKE. I am interested in the LienCubicKELowRe because it is a nonlinear model. Somebody's experiences would be great because I do not have too many trials...



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