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kar February 24, 2008 15:02

Hi, I tried to figure out h

I tried to figure out how to create some volScalarField, that has no boundary conditions, but looks like GeometricField is supposed to always have them. Setting "empty" BCs makes an error.
Is it possible to create such field? If yes, have you found it useful?
Not sure if that's really necessary, but I'm curious..


mike_jaworski February 24, 2008 16:38

Hi Karlis, I created a sol
Hi Karlis,
I created a solver and cases for a variable thermal conductivity and thermal capacity. The rhoCp field had zeroGradient on all sides and empty on the Front and Back planes. The internal field is specified as either uniform or non-uniform. I don't know if that's exactly what you were looking for, but it might be similar.

Mike J.

hjasak February 24, 2008 22:52

Make a DimensionedField
Make a DimensionedField<scalar,> instead.


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