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philippose June 23, 2007 13:10

Hello there, A wonderful da
Hello there,

A wonderful day to everyone... I hope everyone is experiencing the same weather that I have here :-)! Its brilliant!

I have a quick question..... are there already any, or would anyone be good enough to provide me with some basic examples in which the Ordinary Differential Equation solvers available in OpenFOAM have been applied?

Basically, I am considering using it as the solver for solution of rigid body motion (for those who know... just trying to make "turbForceFoam" more general, and elegant).

Currently I solve only 1-D motion, and I solve it internally using the Euler numerical integration. In order to make it more general and consistent, I want to use the capabilities already available in OpenFOAM.

(I use both OpenFOAM 1.4, and OpenFOAM 1.3 (dev version HRV_01_05_2007).... so examples in any one of them would be ok.)

Have a nice weekend!


alberto June 23, 2007 14:09

Hello! You can find an exampl
You can find an example among the tests provided with OpenFOAM:


The ODE solver is also used in applications like reactingFoam, which solves for chemical reactions.

I hope this helps.


philippose June 23, 2007 15:05

Hey Alberto :-) Thanks a lo
Hey Alberto :-)

Thanks a lot... in fact... just after posting the message I remembered that the test folder should have something....

Yes... that definitely gives me a heads-up and a good start to the ODE solvers....

Hope I can implement something meaningful over the next few days!


david_flo1 February 19, 2008 17:59

Hello there Does anyone kno
Hello there

Does anyone knows how to integrate the ODE on OpenFOAM, i.e., using a solver like icoFoam and a ODE system serving as input on icoFOAM inlets to be solved at each time step.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated


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