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guitton February 17, 2008 12:38

Hello everybody I am a tota
Hello everybody

I am a totally newbie user of openFoam and i have some questions concerning interFoam and moving mesh.

I want to study the properties of a moving disc near a free surface with openFoam 1.4.1. I ran the tutorials concerning icoDyMFoam and interFoam solvers, and i want to know if a combination of these two solvers has been coded for openFoam 1.4.1. I saw on the openFoamwiki that interfoam can manage mesh motion, but i don't see how to use it. Can someone tell me how to do?

I read on this discussion group that a interDyMFoam will be included in the next release of openFoam, and i want to know if a solver like that is available for openFoam 1.4.1.

I also saw that there was a class E-G movingPinFvMesh working on openFoam 1.2, but due to my lack of knowledge about compilation, i can't compile it...I know that there are many differences between OF 1.4.1 and OF 1.2 in files and library structures, but i still want to know if compilation is possible.

Thank you fot the interest you will show to my questions

Best regards!


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