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cpplabs February 13, 2008 16:01

Hi, I need to solve a non-
I need to solve a non-Newtonian flow problem and would like to use a Newtonian solution as the initial guess. Do I have to run the application separately and use mapFields to map the first solution onto the second? The mesh is the same, is it possible to put the two together in one application?
Any information about this is greatly appreciated.

cpplabs February 14, 2008 19:05

Hi, Found a simple solutio
Found a simple solution: because what I am interested in is steady flow only, I can run the solver with Newtonian model in the first several time steps, then switch back to the non-Newtonian model I want to use. The convergence is much faster.

stephan February 17, 2008 06:07

hi, this paper helped me a

this paper helped me a lot, so maybe it's nice for you too?!:
Issa, "Solution of the implitly Discretised fluid flow equation by operator splittiing" in J. of Comp. Phys. No. 62, 1985, S. 40-65
there is another one about bouyant flow which might be interesting too..

stephan February 17, 2008 06:08

hi, sorry this was the wron

sorry this was the wrong thread

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