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jaswi February 15, 2008 01:07

Dear Forum A very good day
Dear Forum

A very good day to everybody.

I am working with sliding interface as I need to model flow in reactors.

One interface which runs through whole length of geometry has been well explained by Prof. Jasak.( 3DMixer on powerlab).

For my problem I need to break this interface into 3 parts i.e. the whole sliding interface consists of 3 patches. I managed to import mesh and create master-slave combination but now I am at complete loss on these questions:

1) how should my dynamicMeshDict look like. Originally it has one entry block for a slider which contains necessary info. How can that be extended if one has more than one sliding interface.

2) Prof. Jasak wrote in a post back in 2005, that intersecting sliding interfaces had not been tested at that moment. Please share you experience if someone worked with intersecting sliding interfaces and did it work ?.

Any input would be helpful.

With Best Regards

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