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kar February 11, 2008 12:48

Hello, I was trying to make

I was trying to make some test mpirun as described in UserGuide, but ran into problems.

Before I try to make that work, I want to ask, if it is enough to
1. copy OF,
2. make successful foamInstallationTest
on both PCs and then use mpirun as described in UserGuide?

This far I couldn't make second PC's ssh work for some reason and got "bash: orted: command not found" on first.


mike_jaworski February 11, 2008 13:49

Karlis, I'd suggest the fo
I'd suggest the following steps:

1. Make sure you can ssh in and out of both computers.
2. Make sure the openFOAM bashrc is sourced as part of your home .bashrc file (as indicated in the directions for install of OF)
3. Visit the openMPI website and make sure you set up ssh with a secure key so you don't have to enter a password.
4. Use the openMPI website's "hello world" test program to make sure openMPI can communicate and interconnect.
5. Make sure your root file structures are properly listed when you test mpirun with an OpenFOAM solver.

Best of luck,

kar February 11, 2008 14:40

Mike, what you mean by "root
what you mean by "root file structures" listing?

mike_jaworski February 11, 2008 14:53

Karlis, When you pass a co
When you pass a command using mpirun, you have the possibility that your local executable and the remote one are in different locations. You need to tell your remote machine where to find the executable for it to work. In OF, when you distribute the files you do this in the decomposeParDict file and by sourcing the bashrc automatically on login, this adds OF to the path on the machine. I suppose it would have been more accurate to say that you should make sure you have all your PATH variables set correctly.

Hope that helps.
-Mike J.

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