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rsungkorn February 11, 2008 08:28

Hi all, I would like to si
Hi all,

I would like to simulate for multicomponent condensation using exact solution of the Maxwell-Stefan equations (Taylor, 1993).

In my problem, a hot mixture is circulated through a large chamber with cold surfaces and ambient-temperature air inside. The mixture will condense only in a small amount and the condensate will attach to the surfaces (no flow of liquid phase).

For a flow of multicomponent mixture with heat transfer, i have already modified buoyantSimpleFoam and ScalarTransportFoam and it works quite well.
For condensation part, I am going to implement a new boundary condition where the condensation occur inside, so-called pseudo-mass transfer boundary condition. This is to save the cost of the solver and to make the solver be able to apply to complicated geometry. The concept of the new boundary condition is based on pseudo-heat transfer solver posted on the OpenFOAM Wiki page.

Does anybody solved a problem like this or has implemented such kind of boundary condition before ? Suggestions and ideas are very welcome.

Best regards,


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