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jaswi January 18, 2008 10:51

Dear Forum A very good even
Dear Forum

A very good evening to everybody

I am using incompressible k-epsilon turbulence model and i have two questions related to its implementation.

1) Can the wall function can be switched off ?

2) In the base class for incompressible turbulence model yplus is being calculated as :

Yp = pow(Cmu.value(), 0.25)*y_[patchNo]

whereas by definition:

y^{+} = \frac {u^{*} y} {\nu}

-> u^{*} - friction velocity
-> y - near wall distance
-> \nu - kinematic viscosity

I request the forum users for explanation. Please comment if anybody knows how the two formulations relate.

Best Regards

msha January 21, 2008 01:43

yes you can but you must make
yes you can but you must make a new wall function and add it to the library of code and also change the wall function used in your turbulence model (e.g k-epsilon)

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