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lr103476 January 10, 2008 17:14

Hi everybody, To deal with
Hi everybody,

To deal with very very large rotations, plunging rotating wing with angle of attach varying from +60 to -60 degrees, I developed a dynamicFvMesh library using fvSubsetMesh. This library creates two mesh subsets, following constant/polyMesh/sets and defines the motion on both. In such a way I define a mesh subset just around the wing which moves with the wing, and another outside it.

The motion of the innermesh is the result of motion definition of the wing patch leaving the outer mesh unchanged.

The motion of the outermesh is the result of motion definition of the interface patch. When the motion of the interface and the wing are the same the internal subset mesh moves undeformed with the wing.

2 problems/questions:
1) The problem is the interface. I have two subsets, how do I get the interface appear in /constant/polyMesh/boundary such that I can use that patch in dynamicFvMesh....

2) If the interface is present in /constant/polyMesh/boundary what boundary condition do I have to apply to U and p, since the flow needs to go though undisturbed.....

Regards and Thanks,

Regard, Frank

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