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mike_jaworski December 30, 2007 16:55

Hi all, As I'm learning a
Hi all,
As I'm learning a lot of stuff lately, I hope you'll have some patience with me on this.

I have gotten the 1.4.1-dev version install on my machine and was going through the different solvers making sure they all worked. I ran across a problem with sonicFoam which I managed to fix, but I don't understand and it's the understanding which I would like.

When running the tutorial case, forwardStep, I would get the following error:
--> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR : keyword laplacian((rho*(1|A(U))),p) is undefined in dictionary "/<path>/system/fvSchemes::laplacianSchemes"

file: /<path>/system/fvSchemes::laplacianSchemes from line 47 to line 50.

From function dictionary::lookupEntry(const word& keyword) const in file db/dictionary/dictionary.C at line 154

FOAM exiting

Now, I fixed it by changing the fvSchemes file to include:

default Gauss linear corrected; \\ was none
laplacian(mu, U) Gauss linear corrected;
laplacian(mu, e) Gauss linear corrected;
laplacian((rho*(1.0|A(U))),p) Gauss linear corrected;

Now, this worked, but originally I had figured that the problem lay in last laplacian((rho*...) term. Looking in the source code for sonicFoam.C, I found a laplacian term for a (rho*rUA, p), but none for this weird 1.0|A(U) thing.

So my questions are these:
what does laplacian((rho*(1.0|A(U))), p) mean since I don't know what the pipe (|) command does and it doesn't seem to be in the manual (or I'm not looking for it correctly) and, bigger picture, what does this mean for the solver/future solvers. When I attempted to change the laplacian in fvSchemes to (rho*rUA, p) it didn't work, but this is the term in the source code.

So, if someone can help my confusion, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Mike J.

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