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fw407 December 23, 2007 07:59

hi, guys,i have just started l
hi, guys,i have just started learing openFoa ,and i came across some problems in creating a solver, and how can i use a solver i download . Maybe it sounds like a stupid question, but because none of my firends has ever used openFoam, here is the only place i can get help,can anyone give me some advice? i really appreciate your help

schmidt_d December 27, 2007 14:52

Feng, Hint: Use icoFoam as a
Hint: Use icoFoam as a helpful example.

Go to the directory where the icoFoam source code lives and look in the Make subdirectory. You will put your new code in (note that the user name gets assembled into the path)
with a similar Make subdirectory. You will need to edit the Make/files.

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