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florian_krause December 18, 2007 12:15

Hi, I am modifing the icoDy

I am modifing the icoDyMFoam Solver from OF version 1.4.1 to simulate the physical correct sinking process of a sphere in a cylinder full of water.

Now I have the problem to update the cellMotionUy and pointMotionUy with the new calculated velocities I get for each iteration.

So my question:

Where can I access and modify the cellMotionUy and pointMotionUy value for each iteration in the PISO loop except in the .../0/ directory?

I hope to hear from you soon

Kindest Regards,

gschaider December 18, 2007 19:00

Hi Flo! To get fields that
Hi Flo!

To get fields that are implicitly created by some library but not "seen" in the sources of a solver do something like (type, constness, name etc have to be adapted for your application) this:

const volVectorField &cm=mesh.objectRegistry::lookupObject<volvectorfie ld>("cellMotionU");


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