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martapajon November 1, 2007 14:59

Dear all, I would like to k
Dear all,

I would like to know if it is possible to let OpenFoam calculate for one single iteration, stop the program and then start the program to calculate the next iteration.

I am involve in a research in which we will use OpenFOAM but I haven't really start with the practise within this software. But I need to clirify some ideas in order to develop the plans for the research.

I hope you can answer this question that, even though it was not interesting for you, the asnwer I suppose is very easy for you and fast.

Thank you very much for your help

mattijs November 1, 2007 15:54

- set your startTime to latest
- set your startTime to latestTime in the system/controlDict.

- modify your solver to modify the endTime. E.g. to set the endTime at 0.1s past the startTime:

scalar endTime = runTime.startTime().value();
runTime.setEndTime(endTime + 1E-1);
Info<< "Reset endTime from " << endTime
<< " to " << runTime.endTime().value()
<< endl;

- instead of modifying the solver source code you could write a functionObject that does this for you.

martapajon November 5, 2007 06:51

Thank you very much Mattijs fo
Thank you very much Mattijs for your answer.

But, please let me know if I am wrong because I am beginnier with this, with the solution that you are explaining me, what you get is to stop the iteration at the begin, e.g. at 0.1s, but what I wanted is to be able to continue the iteration after stoping it ( I want to be able to analyze the data and to continue the iteration if the data are not what I want). Is it possible with that or in some other way?

Many thanks again

mattijs November 5, 2007 16:06

Search for latestTime in the m
Search for latestTime in the manual.

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