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mamaly60 October 31, 2007 11:59

Hello In running the blockM

In running the blockMesh for 16,000,000 gridpoints a\ i faced this error.

Default patch type set to empty
new cannot satisfy memory request.
This does not necessarily mean you have run out of virtual memory.
It could be due to a stack violation caused by e.g. bad use of pointers or an out of date shared library
I am using CPU Opteron 2.20 GHz with 8 GB memory. Would you tell me how can I fix this? Is there any way in Linux, like windows, to increase virtual memory?

Thank you

doum October 31, 2007 13:26

is everything compiled for 64
is everything compiled for 64 bit?

mamaly60 October 31, 2007 16:42

In fact no, But let me try for
In fact no, But let me try for 64 bit. I will post it's results.


mamaly60 November 2, 2007 14:35

I installed 64 bit and now by
I installed 64 bit and now by using swaping or paging, OpenFOAM can do blockMesh for 2 or 4 million gridpoints. But for higher resolution like 8 million it bacome reaaly time comsuming, due to use of kswapd0 and kswapd1 in my machine. Dominique, do you have any suggestion? Is it possible to use another software like SALOME,FLUENT,... and then import them in OpenFOAM? I mean by doing this job, do I face again memory problem?

thank you

connclark November 2, 2007 14:56

I was doing a simulation with
I was doing a simulation with coodles that swapped quite a bit recently. I improved performance by freeing every bit of ram I could. I recompiled my kernel with the -Os optimization. I exited X windows to get to a basic command line. I also temporarily killed some unneeded daemons (cupsd, gpm, etc...) .

You might try splitting up you case into more domains than you have processors. This would allow other threads to execute while waiting for the hard disk to page in virtual memory.

The only real solution is to add more RAM to the machine.

t.oliveira August 11, 2016 15:27

If your mesh is simply a rectangular cuboidal domain divided into smaller identical rectangular cuboids, the alternative presented on this post may interest you.


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