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in_flu_ence October 28, 2007 20:34

Hi, 1) Is interFoam meant o

1) Is interFoam meant only for laminar flow and does not account for any turbulence that occur?

2) If (1) is true, is there any guided tutorial on the lesInterFoam solver? I have tried to figure out the files in the nozzle2D folder but I have no clue.

Thanks very much

kumar2 October 29, 2007 15:45

Yes interFoam is only for lami
Yes interFoam is only for laminar flow. rasInterFoam does have turbulence modeling.

i do not think there is a tuorial for lesinterfoam solver


in_flu_ence October 29, 2007 16:41

Thanks Kumar. I have read s
Thanks Kumar.

I have read somewhere in the forum that ras with VOF will actually compromise on the sharpness of the interface and LES is a better option to go with.

However, I don't quite know the different parameters that I have to key in. Do you have a chance to know about them?


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