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mrangitschdowcom March 28, 2007 08:56

Hi all, I know this is not
Hi all,
I know this is not a difficult thing to do, but if someone already has a steady state solver which adds chemical species, I'd prefer to begin with their code

Thanks in advance!


markusrehm October 9, 2007 10:24

Hello Michael, did you adva
Hello Michael,

did you advance in your steady state chemisty-Solver? I am also thinking about how to do it.

Has anyone some hints? I want to start with reactingFoam, change the PISO- to a SIMPLE-loop. The thing is I don't know what to do with the chemistry-time-steps and chemical source terms.
I guess i would have to limit it because when I advance from iteration #1 to iteration #2 with the standard chemistryModel it would integrate 1 second. The source terms must be limited as well I guess.

Can anyone contribute? Thanks & Regards Markus

mrangitschdowcom October 9, 2007 10:33

Markus, Haven't had the tim
Haven't had the time to do anything on this. For folks in the chemical industries, steady flow with species transport (and reaction) is one of the largest classes of problems tackled with CFD. What I would like is something based on simpleFoam that has species transport...


prashant24983 October 10, 2007 05:21

From the look of it, I believe
From the look of it, I believe the reactingFoam solver should be the most appropriate for your work. Take a look at that solver!! ... If you want to add species transport to simpleFoam or any other solver check this link

Take a look at reactingFoam solver to see how this is implemented there, follow the same format with simpleFoam solver too... then compile it!!


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