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prashant24983 October 6, 2007 09:40

Suppose if I want to simulate
Suppose if I want to simulate a gas flow inside a building which has air in it using the buoyantFoam solver.

So I add the species transport equation in buoyantFoam but how do I edit the thermophysicalproperties file?

For the tutorial case air is defined as

thermoType hthermo<puremixture<consttransport<speciethermo<hc onstthermo<perfectgas>>>>>;

mixture air 1 28.9 1000 0 1.8e-05 0.7;

But I want to add another specie into the system... say CO2 ... How should I edit the thermophysicalproperties file now?

I was hoping that the keyword specie should work... something like...

specie CO2 1 .....

Thank you for the help in advance!

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