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heikofd October 2, 2007 09:21

Hi everybody, I'm an absolu
Hi everybody,

I'm an absolute beginner in foam.

I try to solve an evolution equation of a drop shape h(x,t) with three b.c.
Because of symmetry I only have to solve a 1D problem from the middle of the drop (x=0) to one side (x=a(t)). The b.c. are

1) h has a zerogradient at x = 0
2) h is zero at x = a(t)
3) The Vol of the drop is const., so the integral of h over x is 1.

The equations for a(t) and h(x,t) are uncoupled.

As the third condition is not a numerical one, I will use a shooting method and guess h(x=0) until the volume is 1.

And that's my problem,
how can I implement a fixedValue and a zerogradient at one side of the mesh in foam?

The mixed type in foam is an either..or condition, isn't it? It depends on the value of Valuefraction whether there is a zero gradient or a fixed value. But that's not what I want.

Thanks a lot!!

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