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kdarc September 20, 2007 15:50

Is there a way to force solver
Is there a way to force solvers to perform just ONE iteration at a time??

I am trying to work with a highly coupled system of equations and want to use the "solve" structures since they handle all the boundary conditions and can apply relaxation factors. I would have to set up my own kind of convergence control, but would be happy to get on with doing that if I could solve each equation one at a time.


kdarc September 21, 2007 08:48

Come on people, this is critic
Come on people, this is critical!!

I see that in the file lduMatrix.H, there is some code:

00206 //- Abstract base-class for lduMatrix solvers
00207 class solver
00208 {
00209 protected:
00211 // Protected data
00213 word fieldName_;
00214 const lduMatrix& matrix_;
00215 const FieldField<field,>& interfaceBouCoeffs_;
00216 const FieldField<field,>& interfaceIntCoeffs_;
00217 lduInterfaceFieldPtrsList interfaces_;
00219 //- dictionary of controls
00220 dictionary controlDict_;
00222 //- Maximum number of iterations in the solver
00223 label maxIter_;
00225 //- Final convergence tolerance
00226 scalar tolerance_;
00228 //- Convergence tolerance relative to the initial
00229 scalar relTol_;

there is a label maxIter_ referred to.

Does anyone know how/what/where to use this to chnage the maximum number of solver iterations from what seems to be 5001, to just 1.


olesen September 21, 2007 09:14

Okay Ken, you now have our att
Okay Ken, you now have our attention.

I can't see where the '5001' is coming from either. The constructor in lduMatrix/lduMatrixSolver.C is using 1000.

From your demand for help, I assume that the maxIter in the fvSolution isn't being respected?
I guess this is critical - ie, a bug or a problem with your installation.

k smoothSolver
smoother GaussSeidel;
nSweeps 2;
tolerance 1e-7;
relTol 0.1;
maxIter 1;


kdarc September 21, 2007 12:05

thanks for the reply Mark.
thanks for the reply Mark.

I still can't figure out how to implement what you're suggesting.

what I want, is to solve for variable phi_SR1 with solver ICCG to tol of 1e-6 relTol 0 (really tol and relTol are irrelevant for 1 iteration...) with iterMax = 1. your example showed:

k smoothSolver
smoother GaussSeidel;
nSweeps 2;
tolerance 1e-7;
relTol 0.1;
maxIter 1;

presumably this is in fvSolution?
in your case, is k the variable to be solved?

if I imitate with

phi_SR1 solver or smoothSolver, I get an error.

putting maxIter 1; anywhere seems to have no effect.

how/where would you code what I'm trying to accomplish?


olesen September 24, 2007 04:10

Hi Ken, Yes, you should be
Hi Ken,

Yes, you should be adding your solver parameters into system/fvSolution. If you get an error with using phi_SRI smoothSolver { .... };
There is something else wrong (eg, you are not using a fv method, etc.).
If this is not working properly, you can't place maxIter within the braces.

After you get this sorted out, you might even try just using relTol=1 (or 0.999). I would think that this should give a similar result as limiting the maxIter explicitly.

kdarc September 24, 2007 11:27

Ok thanks! it's working as
Ok thanks!

it's working as required, one hitch was that I am using subdomains and in our recently implemented v1.4, it wasn't obvious that additional fvSolution files are now required subdomain system directories...

blood pressure now returning to normal level....

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