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mike_jaworski September 23, 2007 02:34

I found a bug in the 1.4.1 rel
I found a bug in the 1.4.1 release.

While attempting to complete the solidDisplacementFoam tutorial, the following error comes up when you try to run it:
--> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR : expected 'true' or 'false', found yes

file: /home/mjaworsk/OpenFOAM/mjaworsk-1.4.1/run/tutorials/solidDisplacementFoam/plate Hole/system/fvSolution::D::scaleCorrection at line 41.

From function operator>>(Istream&, bool&)
in file primitives/bool/boolIO.C at line 72.

FOAM exiting

In order to fix it, you have to go into the fvSolution file and edit the information for "scale correction" and "directSolveCoarsest" from yes/no to true/false. Unfortunately, FoamX doesn't allow you to do it, so you have to get into it with your favorite editor. I'm guessing something was cleaned up in the GAMG code going to 1.4.x and certain files just haven't been updated.

I hope this helps someone somewhere down the line. I didn't go through all the steps in the cavity tutorial, but I wonder if any of these other items got borked with the transition to 1.4.1

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