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m9819348 September 20, 2007 05:05

Dear, I am trying to run a

I am trying to run a simple case of a liquid bubble moving in another liquid.

I use OpenFoam 1.4.1

The DICPCG solver needs about 20 to 300 iterations, right from the start and this does not diminish. I use a very small time step (1e-7).

For the solver settings, I used the standard settings of the DamBreak case.

My model is simply a pipe system (3D) through which the main fluid flows, including a small pipe inside the larger pipe where the bubbles are injected.

Is it normal that the solver needs so many iterations per time step?

msrinath80 September 20, 2007 13:10

First make sure that your cour
First make sure that your courant number does not exceed 0.2. Next how bad/good is your mesh? Finally, if everything is going fine except for simulation time, then try using the GAMG solver as opposed to the DICPCG solver.

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