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torvic September 7, 2007 21:15

Hi All I'm trying to model
Hi All

I'm trying to model an open flame with cross flow by wind. At this stage i'm employing reactingFoam only. I started with an enclosed flame and i could get combustion, in an axysimetric configuration with two lower patches: one for fuel and the other for air, based in the solver by Hannes K.

Now, i enlarged the domain (added patches) and set the whole burner (not axysimetric), but am having trouble with reflecting waves in all the domain. It generates non-physical behaviour (flow from above, vortices in the non-flame region, for instance) that eventually supress the flame.

I'm employing freeStream boundary conditions (BC) in "U" (for the wind inflow and outlfow, and the outlet of the domain), and waveTransmissive BC in "P" as well as non-uniform k-epsilon in the flame region and the domain.

Anyone has a hint-comment (Tomasso, Niklas, Hannes, perhaps) in the BC ?
Literature suggest traction-free BC, velocity boundary layer BC; but i do not know how to implement them in OF.

Finally, i would appreciate if someone can tell me if it would be enough to use only reactingFoam or it could be required to couple to another solver ?

thanks for your attention,
any help is quite appreciated



torvic September 10, 2007 17:48

Hi OF community ! any comen
Hi OF community !

any coment/suggestion to this post ?

thanks in advance


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