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nikos_fb16 September 4, 2007 10:01

hi all, i want to run a per
hi all,

i want to run a periodic channel with a fixed pressure gradient in channeloodles. In the transportProperties dictionary there is only an entry for Ubar but not for gradP.

In the file createGradP are the following lines:

IFstream gradPFile

I am new to OpenFoam and to C++, do I have to create a file named gradP in my start time directory? If so, how must it look like.

Thanks for any answers, Nikos

hadi September 4, 2007 10:52

Hi Nikolaos, I am new to op
Hi Nikolaos,

I am new to openFoam too, i am also running simulations using channelOodles solver, for my understanding to fix a pressure gradient, you have to modify channelOodles.C, by adding a linear pressure gradient that can be a constant added to the momentum equation in the streamwise direction, and then u calculate Ubulk that will oscillate around a mean value.
I didn't try it yet,so please anyone correct me if i am wrong.


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