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michael_krobath August 29, 2007 02:18

Hallo! I am a new OpenFoam-

I am a new OpenFoam-User and just doing my first steps.

Beside some other things I need to calculate the temperature distribution in a solid block, which consists of some different materials. The thermal conductivity of these materials depend on the temperature. Boundary conditions are mostly a temperature, a heat transfer coeffizient/ambient temperatur or heat flux. I would need the temperature in steady and unsteady state.

Up to now, I used Fluent/Gambit for those problems but in future we won't.

Creation of the mesh is no problem. But how can I setup this problem in OpenFoam? Do you know any tutorial or test case, which I can work thru to learn, how to solve such a problem?

Thanks in advance


prashant24983 August 29, 2007 02:38

Hello Michael Try the follo
Hello Michael

Try the following link, you can also find a case file and required solver information here.

Just look through the case file and the solver.



gschaider August 29, 2007 06:59

Hi! As I understand it, he

As I understand it, he doesn't need the fluid part (except for the boundary conditions) - all parts are solid. So on one hand that solver would be too complex, on the other hand it is too simple because it still uses a constant thermal conductivity.
The "simplest" way would be to modify laplacianFoam to use a field instead of a constant for the "diffusion coefficient"/thermal conductivity.


michael_krobath August 29, 2007 07:12

Thanks for your replys. Be
Thanks for your replys.

Bernhard, you are right. My problem is "only" to calculate the temperature distribution within the solid (no fluid take part).

But, I have different solid materials, with different thermal conductivities and they are (in worst scenarios) all temperature dependent.


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