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gcollecutt August 9, 2007 05:30

I am successfully (I think) ru
I am successfully (I think) running reactingFoam on a combustion problem. The write output timestep is 1e-05s, and the corresponding solution directories appear with all the field data. paraFoam shows the results and everything appears correct.
However, if I run the solution to say 1e-05s and stop, and then attempt to restart the solver by setting:

startFrom startTime;
startTime 1e-05;
stopAt endTime;
endTime 2e-05;
deltaT 2.5e-06;
writeControl adjustableRunTime;
writeInterval 1e-05;

in the <case>/system/controlDict file and re-running, it does nothing. The last few lines of output are:

Constructing chemical mechanism
Selecting ODE solver SIBS
chemistryModel::chemistryModel: Number of species = 28 and reactions = 146
Courant Number mean: 2.59431e-08 max: 5.46438e-07

Starting time loop


Further, if I set startFrom to lastTime, it restarts at t=0, even though there is a valid 1e-05 solution folder. Has anyone else had this problem?

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