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irishdave August 2, 2007 05:19

Hello, I have been trying t

I have been trying to look through the source to see what I can find in relation to how to navigate the geometry of a patch. I want to be able to perform an operation on the inlet which requires knowledge of the face owner neighbour relations for cells on the inlet. I need the relations for those that are in the cross section of cells at the inlet.

I saw in a source code that someone else had written the ability to do the following:

const fvPatchVectorField& centre = mesh.C().boundaryField()[inletPatchID];

I have so far been unable to find where in the source documentation this comes from and I have also been unable to do similar. Does anyone know where this is documented or if there is a similar idea for mesh.owners(), mesh.neighbours(), mesh.Sf() and mesh.V()? Those are the values I need for the cells in the cross section at the inlet in order to achieve my aim.


irishdave August 2, 2007 05:31

I have just been looking throu
I have just been looking through the source code, looking at the fvPatch class and it seems to have what I am looking for. Either by using the patchSlice method on a list from the mesh or by using it's inbuilt functions assuming faceCells() returns something to do with the face - cell relations from which I could figure out owner and neighbour relations.

Sadly I can't see how to generate a reference for fvPatch of the inlet.


irishdave August 3, 2007 11:49

Problem solved.
Problem solved.

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