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hoochie July 25, 2007 07:46

Hello, Im computing in Simp

Im computing in SimpleFoam the flowcase of an object in a wind tunnel. The mesh is a structured one and checkMesh tells me its perfect. Im working with the k- Epsilon realizable- turbulence. After running potentialFoam the given flow for the timestep "0" looks great, so my boundary conditions might be ok too.
My problem is, even with upwind- descritisation and turbulence turned off it isn't converging and I have no idea why.

So I set the relaxation factors step by step down to:
p 0.1
U 0.2
k 0.2
Epsilon 0.2

but with no effect. Does anyone of you have a clue what could be the problem? Or does anyone had a similar problem and solved it in past?

I would be happy for some hints, thank you

lam July 26, 2007 10:57

Hi RW, I use simpleFoam too
Hi RW,

I use simpleFoam too (turbulence off, but in laminar)
And i have a "better" convergence when I increase the relaxation factors:
U -> 0.8
p -> 0.3

But maybe, we'are not in the same case, because I do not use k-epsilon.



hoochie July 28, 2007 07:07

Hi Lam, thank you for your
Hi Lam,

thank you for your answer, I will check out, if this may help me too.


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